This is a unique post of the National Trails Guide: there is no agenda and this is not specifically geared to one trail. Instead, these are simply random pictures taken over three years of road research documenting the national trails. We hope you enjoy a behind the scenes look into seldom-seen spots along the trails…


Along the Natchez Trace, in one of the many lovely cemetaries of the South.

Along the Natchez Trace, inside one of the many lovely cemetaries of the South.

The above picture was taken during a road trip through Mississippi while exploring the national trails. There are many unforgettable places to be found along the way, including this ancient moss-draped tree and lovingly tended headstones dating back to the late 1700s.


The following picture sums up the beauty of America, witnessed during exploration of the national trails. Hannibal, Missouri is the home country of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, Mark Twain’s timeless characters — a tribute to the Mississippi River of his youth during the 1800s. This spot is slightly up river from Lewis and Clark’s famous route across the West…

Hannibal, Missouri -- home of Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain).

The Mississippi River passes by Hannibal, Missouri — home territory of the one and only Mark Twain.

Walking along the Appalachian Trail near Springer Mountain in Georgia.

Bill Buck walks along the Appalachian Trail near Springer Mountain in Georgia.

Many miles were traversed while exploring America’s national trails, including this lovely section of trail — the auspicious beginning of the Appalachian Trail (or the terminus depending on how you go about it). After descending picturesque Springer Mountain, hikers are treated to a rapid downhill run through some of the most beautiful countryside in Georgia — rainforests, deep rivers and unbelievably starry nights…


The final picture in this collection was taken in Santa Fe, New Mexico as my brother and I searched through the dead of winter for the original traces of the Santa Fe National Historic Trail:

This is my brother Steven walking on one of Santa Fe's lovely public trails, in front of the low-lying sun, along the Santa Fe Trail route.

Steven walking on one of Santa Fe’s many great trails, as the low-lying sun sets over the Santa Fe Trail.