Washington-Rochambeau RR National Historic Trail

National Trails System

The National Park Service manages the overall system of National Trails — Scenic, Historic and Recreation Trails — in partnership with other federal agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management, a wide range of nonprofit organizations and volunteers nationwide.


National Trail Contacts

Agency administrators, superintendents and partner organizations are responsible for each National Trail across the country. Find out more about how each trail is being managed by visiting these sites.



Partnership for the National Trails System (PNTS)

PNTS provides a large network through which federal agencies, nonprofit partners and individuals work together to maintain and strengthen the National Trail System.


American Trails

The largest online resource for America’s National Recreation Trails, 1,000+ routes of varying lengths in every state. American Trails provides a clearinghouse for news and resources relating to national trails as well as workshops, a symposium, and other activities.


American Hiking Society

The American Hiking Society provides extensive practical resources for those visiting national trails — including guides and helpful tutorials.


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