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On Trails – Book Review

[Originally appeared in Earth Island Journal] “Without trails, we would be lost.” The simplicity of this statement in the prologue of Robert Moor’s first book, On Trails: An Exploration, opens the door to an in-depth study of trails, their purpose, and their meaning. Exploring paths forged by creatures ranging from ants to elephants to modern [...]

Centennial Celebration: Trails & Parks

  In honor of the National Park Service's 100th birthday, here is an excerpt from our love letter to national parks from national trails. (To read the entire piece, visit Earth Island Journal)   Map of the National Trails System - courtesy of the National Park Service   National parks offer perennial destinations [...]

National Trails infographic

  This blog entry unveils a brand new infographic introducing the National Trails. We'll be expanding this graphic in the coming months but for now, here is a basic introduction to the trails with a visual spin: the infographic.   Stay tuned for more multimedia offerings from the National Trails Guide, like this infographic, as [...]

A Walk in the Woods – Film Review

  There was some anticipation for the film A Walk in the Woods (2015) in the national trails community. This film version of Bill Bryson’s book of the same name stars Robert Redford and prominently features the Appalachian National Scenic Trail.   I allowed some time to pass (probably too much) after seeing this film [...]

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2015 National Trails (PNTS) conference

  It's an honor to be speaking at the 15th National Scenic and Historic Trails Conference, just outside Nashville, Tennessee. The conference is sponsored by the Partnership for the National Trails System (PNTS) and my topic is "Working with Youth and Technology to Promote Our Trails." Here is the synopsis: It’s important in today’s fast-paced [...]

Trail Angels – National Scenic Trail Heroes

  Trail Angels are a special breed. It's likely that most people have never heard of them -- but it's a given that anyone who has completed a long-distance trail is not only familiar with the term but may have even met one of these elusive characters.   Hikers who have been on a trail for [...]

Random photos from exploring the national trails

  This is a unique post of the National Trails Guide: there is no agenda and this is not specifically geared to one trail. Instead, these are simply random pictures taken over three years of road research documenting the national trails. We hope you enjoy a behind the scenes look into seldom-seen spots along the [...]

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